Wednesday, June 5, 2024

That kind of man!!!

I remember attending Bro. Donald Ikerd's funeral. His funeral was actually very uplifting. It had A LOT of Bro. Ikerd's humor woven into everything that was said. There was one point where they started playing clips his preaching. They played this one clip that was one of his last messages he preached before he died. He said in the message that he knew his ticker was about to stop ticking and that he would soon be going home, and as he talked to the saints his voice broke down and was beginning to cry. He talked about how he was gonna be leaving, but that there was STILL so many more souls to many people lost...who was gonna reach them??? And as I listened to him, I felt myself starting to tear up, not because of Bro. Ikerd's death, but because of his burden for the lost, even still, till his death. I just remember sitting there thinking like, WOW...this man is crying about dying...but ONLY because he wants to keep reaching the lost...WOW!!! And i’ve thought, THATS THE KIND OF MAN I WANT TO MARRY!!! A man like Bro. Ikerd! Not because he was a missionary or an incredible preacher, teacher and pastor, but becuase of his burden for souls. Thats how I want to spend my forever with a man, REACHING THE LOST!!!