Friday, November 19, 2010

Blond MOMENT!!!

One night me and my friend Jac were gabbing on the phone together. Something was happening wherever she was at, (WORK!;) so she is like, "hey, let me call you back. So I am like okay... A few minutes later she calls me back. So I pick up the phone, put it to my ear and am greeted with total and COMPLETE silence!!! I am like OKAAAY why isn't she saying anything? I can like hear her breathing on the line...  I am just like thinking in my head... OMW she is soooo dumb!!! So after about a minute of silence, I am like, "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" And she is like all hesitant like, "uh... hi?! I'm like...okaaaaaay...
THEN ALL of the sudden it hit me
The reason why she was silent when I called her was
I had forgotten to say HELLO!!!
I promise you...
 My hair REALLY is BROWN!!! ;)