Saturday, November 20, 2010


Sooooooo I know that I have pretty much told you all about the girl that used to live with me for a while, then had to go back to live with her family and stopped living for God after that. (Thats to make the long story short, if you want more details you can read it HERE!!!) Well, I was really praying for her Thursday morning and when I was praying I specifially asked God that when she listens to worldly music to convict her of it.

Well today Jac and I went over to the apartments to see who we could get to come to the youth rally, so I went to get Esther, and when I was walking back to the car with her she says to me, "I'm scared!" So i'm like WHY? She is like, well you know that music that we listen to? So i'm like, Yeah.. she is like, YOU KNOW, the stuff YOU DON'T like?! So i'm like YEAH!!! (Its like all kinds of rap and junk!) She was like, Well, we were listening to the songs last night and then someone started playing the music backwards and its like all this satanic worship! She said, I was soooo scared and couldn't sleep! So i'm just like thinkin WELL THATS an answer to prayer!!! And I was just like WELL...thats what ALL that kind of stuff is and she was just like yeah...its sooo weird!

 WELL TONIGHT at the Youth Rally, Bro. Stoltzfuz preached an awesome message going over the Apostolic doctrine. He went over the oneness, water baptism in Jesus name, repentence... EVERYTHING...then whatda ya know... outta the blue he starts talking about music and about how when you listen to that kind of music there is a spirit that is attached to it! And he just talked about it for a while, he even mentioned one of the exact singers she listens too...He was like, I know no one here listens to that, she was like, I DO! LOL  I was just like WOW!!! This is REALLY God talking... I mean there is NO waaaay he knew our previous conversation!!! So then after church I said to her, you heard all that about the music and she was like, yeah, and i was like, I think that WAS GOD!!! and she was like, Yeah it was!!!

I just REALLY know that God is working on her!!! Even if she isn't showing it when she comes to church, I know from the things she tells me. But that whole thing with the music i was just like...WOW!!! I love how God can speak to the man of God about THE VERY thing you are needing to hear even when it doesn't make sense to him. God you are soooo amaZing!!! He is ALWAYS working...even when can't see it!!! He is sooo AWESOME!!! Keep this in your prayers my friends!!!