Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay so Saturday our church was going caroling at the Starbucks inside Albertsons grocery store. So I decided that since we don't have much of a winter here in AZ I was gonna wear my winter clothes while I had the chance. I get all dooted up with my purple turtleneck and my multi-colored scarf. I do my hair up in a french twist with curls. I just look at myself and smile!!! "Oh yeah girl!!!" So my brother gets to our house to pick me up. He honks the horn and I go out. He takes one look at me and just starts shaking his head!!! I am like WHAT?! I look GOOD!!! He shakes his head again and then says, "They said anyone singing in the choir for caroling should wear red, black or white AND you are wearing EVERY color BUT those!!!! I was like Oooooo!!! OOOPS!!! ;)