Friday, January 23, 2009

When you make brownies...

Okaaaaaay soooooo I made some Chocolate brownies with Peanut butter icing for Janelle's shower tonight in Williams. I was making them from the box and figured these are totally easy!!! I mean there is NOOOOO way to mess up brownies from the box! Right? WRONG!!!!! HAHA! Sooooo I see that I need oil but I look around and don't have any oil sooooo I think what can I do to substitute?! Heeey I know how about two sticks of butter?!?! Well I guess that doesn't work!!! These things are NASTY and DRY and CAKEY!!! Ugh!!! Heeey people...WHY DO BROWNIES GET CAKEY SOMETIMES?! i mean sometimes even when you follow the directions exactley the brownies get cakey...I HATE THAT!!!! Brownies are supposed to be soft and chewy and gooey!!! Mmmmm... so yeah...When you are making brownies DON'T substitute butter for oil!!!!!
P.S. The P.B. ICING totally ROCKS!!!!!! LOL