Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brownies (part 2)

Well I decided that the brownies were to gross to bring to the shower so I left them with the Canada's...hahaha!!! I didn't want to have to wash the pan!!!Okaaaay...Sooooo after I made those NASTY brownies on friday I ate one and had an upset stomach the WHOLE night. I figured maybe it wasn't really the brownies but on Tuesday (I am a nanny)their mom said that Ella got sooooo sick from them she was throwing up as she ran to the hallway to the toilet and Scott their dad ate some and got sick too!!! AND then while Ella was throwing up her mom said that she was crying that IT WASN"T the brownies, it wasn't the brownies, THEY WERE SOOOO GOOD!!! HAHAHAH RFLOL Sooooooooooo yeah...Idk what I did but MAN!!!! LOL Ella LOVED them!!!