Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going green...

As I rolled outta bed this morning, after hitting the snooze button on my phone a million kajillion times, I stumbled over to my closet. Hmmm...what should I wear to work today I thought. My aqua blue t-shirt I thought would be a good comfortable choice. Since there was nothing going on tonight I figured it was okay to with a casual look. But as I reached for the blue shirt my eyes fell on a dark green shirt with white and different shades of green daisies. You know I though, I haven't worn that in a while, I think maybe I will just wear it. Soooooooo after getting dressed I went into the kitchen an started toasting a bagel. When my little niece came running down the hallway, wearing a green t-shirt with a four-leaf clover on it. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail with green ribbons hanging down. She looked adorable!!! (I should have taken a pic for ya all...oops!!! Later!!!) Then it hit me...OMW today is St. Patrick's day!!! LOL I had chosen green without even realizing it!!! So cRaZy-weird!!! I would ALMOST say it was a God thing; but does God celebrate this pagan holiday?!?!?!? LOL  Soooooooooo today is the day I celebrate my IRISHNESS!!! This evening we are going over to my mom's for the typical St. Patrick's meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatos. Yum, yum!!! =)

Yup, yup, thats right, I am half Irish!!! I know thats hard to believe since I just look SOOOOOO Italian!!! HAHA!!! ;) My mom likes to tease me that I am not dark enough to be Italian!!!! HA! :P ( I am Italian on the INSIDE!!!) The honest truth is that I think of myself as more Italian because it's more the way I was raised. What I have learned about Irish people is that they LOVE to drink, dance and PARTY!!!! RFLOL!!!! So in some ways (Not the drinking!!!) I think that perhaps I am more Irish than I realized! 
This is what I have discovered about myself; My looks are Irish. My eating and cooking are Italian BUT anyone that knows me KNOWS that I LOVE to PARTY!!! (Woot, woot!!! Lets get this party started is my motto!!! Right Cara?!?) As for the dancing...Hmmm...I ummmm...PLEAD THE 5TH!! Well, but of course I dance in the spirit at church, eh!!! (Just don't ask my brother about any of our late night escapades in the middle of the night, while he was in the hospital!!!!) 
Sooooooo yeah...I really have NO idea why we celebrate this holiday, except that its kinda fun and my mom makes a REALLY good meal!!! (Ok I think corned beef and cabbage and potatoes is the ONLY good Irish meal there is, but HEEEEY!!! LOL) Soooooooo yup, I am embracing my Irishness!!!  
P.S. Odyessy has a really good episode about St. Patrick's day. IDK if they are playing it this year but for more info you could go to whitsend.org I LOVE these people!!! ;)