Saturday, March 14, 2009

I want this!!!

Cola'sRoot BeerOrange JuiceSmoothies ..To name a few. (see the list of satisfied customer favorites)In 5 Minutes you could be enjoying a thick Smooth SLUSH Treat, made from your Favorite Juice Flavor, Soda Pop, Smoothie recipe (or any flavor drink)Just freeze the white Glaciercore, in the freezer until hard, usually overnight. Return the frozen capsule to the shell and pour in your favorite naturally sweetened beverage (Diet drinks don't make a soft, full bodied Slush!). The beverage will start to slush on the sides, stir from the sides, and wait until slush begins to thicken, then stir again. In Minutes you'll be enjoying a thick, delicious, full-bodied, Slush. Then ENJOY!!!
Man, with summer coming around, it sure would be AWESOME to have one of these!!!! I sooooooooo want one!!! :)