Sunday, March 8, 2009

Resturaunt Food Review #1

Okaaaay soooooooo I have decided to start giving my opinon on resturaunts because I love going and trying new things and places. I thought I would delight you all with my not-so-humble opinion on the matters!!! ;)Soooooo here is the first one...
Grimaldi's Pizzeria
(Located in Old Town) www.grimaldispizzeria.comOkay after this first pic I got say right off that I was NOT impressed with the decorations!!! Blah, blah, blah!!!
The pizza was GOOD!!! Its a thin-crust, New Yorks style pizza. Very flavorful, but the crust was a little to hard. Overall...Mmmmm!
We got Italian sausage, with onions and ricotta cheese for toppings on ours...Nice!!!

Then for an apetizer we got some kinda antipasto stuff that you put on bread. It was kind good at the moment cause I was starving BUT not very flavorful and the bread was like dry. It was kinda weird the cheese and I gotta say I just wasn't digging it!!!

For dessert we got some cheesecake that was good, but not as good as my little brother's!! WHATEVER you do, don't tell him that I just said that!!! It will go to his head and he will get TOTALLY full of himself!!! (Kinda like me!!!;)

Sooooo overall what is my opinion of this place? It is good, but not OMW-SOOOO-DELICIOUS!!!! If I was given another gift card or someone wanted to take me there I would soooooo go!!! But until this is the way I feel...
As our cute, blond-haired, dimple-cheeked-server, handed us our cheesecake, I smiled sweetley and said,
"You guys are ALMOST as good as NYPD!!!" He said, "ALMOST?!?!" I said, "ALMOST!!!" ;)

*Check it out!!!