Monday, April 20, 2009


HAHA!!! I just gotta begin this post by laughing!!! So at our church APRIL is like THE month of birthdays and parties!!! Sooooooo like a month ago I was getting together presents for everyone. For Sheree I had bought this really cute skirt like a while ago that I just thought she would love. When I saw it was just like that is SOOOOOOOOOO Sheree. She is gonna love it!!!
So the other day I was thinking about it and I was like MAN Sheree hasn't even worn that skirt yet that I got her!!! I really thought she would like it but I guess not. i WAS LIKE SOOOOO DISAPOINTED!!! I am like thinkin man I will have to ask her about it cause its been like HOW LONG SINCE I gave it to her?!?!
ALL Of the sudden it hit me...AND I knew why she hadn't worn it yet...HAHA!!! I hadn't given it to her yet!!! HAHAHAHA!!! LOL Her birthday isn't even till Wednesday!!! RFLOL
I told Sheree and she said not to worry,she WILL wear it.......AS SOON AS I GIVE IT TO Her!!!
Yep, it was a Mary Moment!!! ;)