Thursday, April 9, 2009

I will beg!!!

Have you ever seen those shirts that say will beg for food or candy etc..? 
Well I will beg for kids!!! 
Last night Jestena( the girl in the pic with me) called me. She moved to Glendale and tries to go to church there but hasn't been able to in a while. So I asked her if her Grandma was gonna let her come for Easter this week end and she was like I don't know. She is like YOU ask her Mary, she loves you!!! So I was like ok! So she puts me on speaker and I am like, "Can Jestena PLEASE come this weekend?! Please! Please!!! (She just kinda laughs) Then I am like, "Oh please, Please, PLEASE, Mamma, I want to see my chocolate baby!!!!! Please let me see her!!! Please, please, please!!!" 
Well, IT WORKED!!! She REALLY started laughing then and said,  "Ok Mary, SHE IS COMING!" Woohoo!!! Jestena is SOOOOO happy!!! LOL So yeah, I BEG!!! Its soooooo worth it for them!!!