Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Praise God!!!

I am soooooooooo happy!!! Class was soooooooooo good tonight!!! I mean it was kinda hard gaining control of the class at first...LOL...OMW!!!! But once we did everything smoothed out.
We taught about sin, what sin is and how sin seperates us from God. That all of us have sinned and that because of our sin we DESERVE to die. Then we talked about someone had to DIE but God gave us an alternative by dying for us. We can choose to take his gift or we can choose to die. We went over Jesus being beat, describing it to them. They were really being reverent at this time. Then we had a cross, and on a peice of paper it said Jesus died for the sins of___________ and then they wrote their names in the space. Then we had some music playing and one by one they took the piece of paper and nailed it to the cross. After they nailed it they were insturcted to go find a place in the room and just think about Jesus dying in their place. They were VERY touched and we had a little prayer meeting. They all prayed and several of the girls were crying. One of the girls was just outright sobbing!!! There were two new girls tonight, one of the was one of the girls that was crying. There is also an other girl that has come once and really wants to start coming but has to wait on her mom letting her. She came last week and her heart is soooooooooo tender!!!
Please keep praying for us!!! I know revival is about to break out!!! God is soooooooo GOOD!!!