Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have two phones right now that I am cool as that may seem it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO is NOT!!! LOL One phone I use to call people and the other phone I use to text- BEACAUSE, why would I want a phone that could to both of those things at the SAME time!!! HAHA!!! Well, it's my OWN fault, cause the other day I was in the pool with MJ and Aurora and I got full of myself and tried to take some pics of my wonderful self in the pool and SPLASH...there goes my phone...*SOB!!! I LOVED that phone-it was really easy to use and took the best pics of me!!!
*Sigh Thats what I get for being conceited!!! :,(
 Btw- i did get a good pic if anyone wants to see it!!! ;)