Monday, June 1, 2009

Just grab it!!! LOLOL!!!

Soooooooo Friday night two of my good friends got married. When it was time to catch the bouquet all the single girls were gathering together and they were and the older woman were like Okaaaaaay girls, you know what to do, right?!?! I am like, "Yeah, raise my hands in the air and MISS!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! ALL the girls are like ready to fight for it and ever ything!!! Sooooooooooooooo when Sarah threw the bouquet, thats exactley what happened!!! (I missed!)
THEN it was time for the garter and all the single guys like RELUCTANTLEY gather together, like TOTALLY dragging themselves. Jimmy does his thing with the garter and it like lands on the ground between Micheal's feet and my brother John's. They just stand there looking at it. The other guys just stare at it too. They just keep staring like WHY In the world would they want it?!?! HAHA!!!!!!! Soooooooooo I am like okaaaaaaay it's been like a minute and they are just standing there...SOOOOOOOOOOO I come running over from the girls swoop in and just GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL It was soooooooo funny!!! Everyone was laughing and the guys were like waaaaaaaay cool with it!!! They didn't want it anyways!!! HAHA! Sometimes you just gotta GRAB IT AND CLAIM IT in Jesus name!!! ;)