Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A question....

Okaaaaaaay sooooooooo I know your not supposed to have favorites but MAN!!! Ain't she just ADORABLE?!?! I love her!!! She is like a little quiet and sweet!!! But her personality is starting to come out and its DARLING!!! THe first couple of times I brought her to church, I was like Oh it's not like it really even matters if I bring her, it's not like she is EVEN gonna know the difference. But, after bringing her the 3rd week, I was carryin her to the van on my hip, and for some reason she thought I was gonna put her down, and she just like tightened her legs around me so that I couldn't let go of her! I was like Oh No baby, I am bringin you, I just gotta get in the van!!! I was LIKE OMW!!! It like squeezed my heart!!!

Does it get any cuter?!?!