Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soooo WANT this!!!

I really, really, really, like REALLY want this purse!!! It's kinda plain but I just LOVE the stripes going down the middle!!! That is the color of the Italian flag...yup...thats my heritage!!! At Christmas time we make what we called the three colored cookies and they are to represent the flag!!! I guess I also kinda need some Irish stuff...thats my other heritage but I don't seem to know as much about...aside from, Irish like to partaaaaaaaaaay and get drunk...hmmm...maybe thats where I get it from...THE PARTYING I MEAN!!! LOL Anyways, I found this purse on Mod Cloth a while ago they have some REALLY cool things!!! Unfortunatley I can't seem to find this purse on there now...SOB*....Oh well, I am broke anyhow!!! LOL