Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 Youth group pictures...

A group of us girls were all gathered around in the foyer after church one Sunday night. Now at our church there are some chairs and benches that everyone kinda hangs out around and when all the seats are filled we just sit on he floor and just chill. Usually deciding discussing where we are going to eat for like 45 minutes, which is totally POINTLESS because we ALWAYS end up at either McDonald's OR Peter Piper!(Gag!)
However, on this particular evening the subject of a new youth group picture came up, since we had not had one in two years. We were trying to get it all planned and figured out...the date...the colors...etc...
All of the sudden Bro. Davy WHO WAS EAVESDROPPING on our convo turns to me and says, youth group picture? We're like yeah... He turns to ME with a SMIRK and says, "SO what are YOU doing discussin the youth group picture...????" I am like what?! He says, "Its NOT like YOUR part of THE YOUTH GROUP!!!(As in cause i am TOO old)
My mouth was hangin open!!!
"EXCUSE ME!!!" I said, I MAY be 26 years old, but I am STILL single, with NO KIDS...THEREFORE, I AM STILL A PART OF THIS YOUTH GROUP!!! :P
Then what happened next put THE BIGGEST, SMUGGEST, goober smile on my face... Bro. Davy's YOUNGER sister, Denae, steps into the convo...
"A PART of the youth group?!?!?!?!" She exclaims, then her and Sheree look at each other and together in unison they say...
I wish I could say that I was HUMBLE about it but...

Here it is, youth group pic 2009
LPCY is going green! (HAHA)

The Girls...
Lookin...Mmm, Mmmm gOoOoOoOoOd!!!
"I am a woman, hear me purr!"

Dan, dan THE ladies man!!!
And all the guys wish they were Danny right now...
Envy is a terrible thing, but I can't say I blame them!! =)

I think the pic speaks for itself...

I love how Seth is KISSIN his muscles!!!

The expressions in some of these pics just speak for themselves!!!
No people are NOT ruinin the pic...just givin a TRUE representation of who they are!!!
LPC!!! Bump it!!! 480-!!! Woot, woot!!!