Friday, October 16, 2009

Best friends!!!

Is she really?
"Jacqui says you guys are best friends,whispers the 5-year-old girl sitting next to me in a very gossipy tone. " But are you REALLY best friends, or does she just THINK you guys are best friends?" I laugh!
"Yes, really, we are!"
I have lotsa friends and Jac is one of my bestest!!!
Can't say we never have our moments, BUT when it comes down to it, we got each other back!!! I can't believe we have been friends for FIFTEEN years now! I remember the first time she walked into our church, she was 10 and I was 11. She was this scrawny, little thing with we J earings dangling from her ears. I remember making her pinky promise with me that she would be at church again the next week. She was also really quiet. Then I remember we all stayed in a room together at our church retreat in Prescott, and Jacqui started telling stories. I remember her bragging about her step-dad's secret recipe potato salad.
I just remember being SOOOOOOOO excited that she was talking SOOOOOO much....
HERE we are fifteen years later...
... AND she is STILL talking!!! :)
Luv ya Jac!