Sunday, October 18, 2009

GIANT flower!!!

Some of the girls from my church and myself, kinda have a thing with NEW trends.
Our first reaction is to laugh at them and claim that we would NEVER!!!
BUT before long their we are..
DOING exactley what we said NEVER for!!!
I remember when it was the style to part your hair on one side...
I that that was sOoOoOoOoOo DUMB...
BUT ten years later I am STILL parting my hair on the side!!
I've done it all
the colored and patterned nylons.
The feathers.
The Neck scarves.
Mary Jane shoes.
I said that I would NEVER do that
Pull to the side that is puffed!!!
More recently, after WCC last year, us girls were making FUN!!!
There was some pretty fUnKy hair do's there.
I said I would NEVER where those big O flowers RIGHT in front of my head...
BUT I have AND they look CUTE!!! ;)
I said I would NEVER do the side roll thing...
It's just NOT me.
BUT I have
And it looks STUNNING!
(Thanks to Denae and Sheree!!! ;)
I even gave the side roll thing an OFFICIAL name...
At our church it is NOW known as ...
THE Sha-sha-sha


AND Everyone is ALWAYS like...


I thought you said you would NEVER!!!

I am like I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!!

But I happen to JUST love the way I am lookin with it!!!


BUT I recently went to PV mall.
Walked into the icing. (AN accessory store)

Saw this flower and BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!! I pulled out my camera and started taking pics.

The man that worked there was NOT happy with me!!!
YES, I did say man...LOL...I just couldn't help laughing at the flower!!!

I PROMISE I will NEVER wear this flower!!!
BUT !!!!
If for some reason I change my mind and you see me wearing it...
I give you permission RIGHT NOW...