Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just being a blessing...♥God ;)

My Holy Ghost party costume for this year...
I came as a present...
But NOT just any present!!!

I came as God's gift to men!!!


I rEaLly think I shoulda won the costume award...

BUT I let the kid's get it!!!

To: Godly, single, Apostolic young men


So my costume was totally inspired from the ladies of legacy class at the bible college on Monday nights.
One of the teachers taught several weeks ago and she said, THAT...
A Godly woman is VERY attractive to Godly men!!!AND she said that her pastor was saying that it is VERY refreshing to actually be able to look at beautiful woman because she is dressed modest!
Can I get a woot, woot ladies?!?!
So remember girls, when we get ALL dressed up, lookin good and modest, we are NOT being prisses...we're JUST BEING A BLESSING!!! So I think I have a NEW calling in life...SIGH...It's hard but ya know, someone's GOTTA have the job of LOOKIN GOOD!!!
What can I say...
I LOVE being a blessing!!! ;)