Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hot chocolate season! (Yay!)

The other day I was with my brother Abraham and I was thinking, YA know, I feel like havin coffee, but an Iced Coffee of course, cause I mean this is Arizona and Mary DOES NOT do Hot coffee, outside in the SUN!!! But as we got outta the van, I was like OMW, its like kinda chilly out. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!
Okaaaaay it's here...Mary is declaring it...

Hot Chocolate season!!!
There is NOTHING (ok actually there is) NOTHING I enjoy more than getting all bundled up, outside in the AZ COLD, holding a cup of Hot chocolate, and taking little sips(ok gulps) of this warm deliciousness!!!
I like how Hot chocolate NOT only warms your hands, but it warms ya on the inside, which is kinda like Luvin Jesus, only He warms your heart which is actually EVEN WAAAAAAAAAAY cooler!!! (Or hotter?) Okaaaay HOW ABOUT WAAAAY BETTER!!! ;)
♥Mary :)