Monday, November 23, 2009

Back from MAUI!!!

Well here I am HOME!!! Yay!!! Got in EARLY this morning. I had an awesome trip to Maui! It was A LOT different than I expected and in some ways better than I could have imagined! Of course I have a MILLION things to share with you all and will be telling stories and events in the NEAR future!!! ;) I gotta say, I find the ocean to be incredibly inspiring!!! I am like WAAAY out there with the waves just TOTALLY getting ideas for stuff to write about and I am like OMW I wish there was such a think as water proof paper and pen...anyone wanna invent that?! LOL Well I managed to SOMEHOW get ALL my postcards written and sent out that last night!!! I was up LATE!!! 48 postcards and I ran out for like 3 people that asked for them...SORRY!!! I can't say that the messages on the back were like incredible's there!!! OH and I hope you guys can read my writing!!!! It's HORRIBLE!!! Sometimes I can't EVEN read it!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! Thank God for TYPING!!! LOL Anyways, it was a GREAT experiance BUT I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be home!!!! Nothing like the people you love!!! Hawaii is a beautiful place and I would love to go again, but as I say when we returned from the Philipines and everytime we return from NYC and any other place...
THIS is my home AND I'll always be an Arizona Hottie!!! ;)