Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Something just happened...

So I must admit the truth.
Something happened to me on this trip to Maui.
It's that thing that every girl dreams of...and yet usually at first denied. Even so, as I sit here tonight, I try and deny the truth and yet I can't. It happened AND it was real! Yes, what you think I am saying is right...
No, It wasn't love at first sight. It kinda happened SLOWLEY...but after several days, I knew the truth AND I knew that it was the real thing!!! To be honest, when I first saw him, I didn't really think he was my type. To preppy! TOTAL Pretty boy!!! PLAYER!!! But, we got to know each other AND I realized just how fun he was. It's like our hearts were knitted together- SOULMATES!!! I won't deny, that when it was
time to go- my heart was saddened, leaving him behind. I never even knew his age, BUT heeeeey...age doesn't matter when it comes to LOVE!!!

Here we are, hugging. Saying our goodbyes. Parting ways, but promising to ALWAYS remember the times we shared together. Whispering, that no matter what happens, or who we end up marrying, always, there will be a little room in our hearts for EACH OTHER!!!

I fell in love with a

Ooooooo WE LOOK SOOOOOOOOO gOoOoOoOoOoOd together!!!
Yeah, we kinda like EVEN kissed!!! ;)

I wish it could have been FOREVER...
But you know what they say...
Better to have loved and lost...
Then never have loved at all!