Saturday, November 28, 2009

The case of the missing cell phone!!!

For DAYS now (Well since like Tuesday) I have been SEARCHING for my cell phone!!! I knew it was SOMEWHERE in my room but I just could NOT find it!!! (Yeah my room is kinda like ya know a little bit messy) I would call my cell phone from the house phone BUT I couldn't hear it ringing cause I had put it on SILENT!!!! Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!! And it was SOOOO annoying cause I could hear it making this little beeping noise that it makes when the inbox is overloaded with text messages BUT I COULD NOT FIND IT!!! I like searched!!!! Underneath my pillow, underneath my bed, on my dresser, under clothes, under my wake up chair, in my drawers....EVERYWHERE!!! I did this for SEVERAL days!!! I had narrowed it down to the left side of my room...cause thats where the beeping was coming from...but still...WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS IT?!?!? The thing that REALLY got me was that my phone wasn't going dead, I know its a Nokia BUT still after all this time it STILL had battery!!!
So today I went into my room with DETERMINATION!!! I am going to find this Stupid, ghetto, $20-dollar, Nokia phone!!! So I am about to begin searching under EVERYTHING AGAIN...when all of the sudden my eyes spot it....and I JUST BUST UP LAUGHING!!! Hysterical laughing...I pick it up and RUN down the hall to our kitchen..."THERESA! I scream, "I found my phone!!! You are SOOOOO not going to believe where its been all these days?!"
"Where?!" She says.
"On the PHONE CHARGER!!!!!!!!"
She just looks at me and shakes her head..."YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO DUMB!!!"
(Okay I am NOT even gonna argue with that!!! LOL) No wonder the phone battery was NOT dying!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
So after checking the 28 missed calls and 25 text messages...I just started laughing again!!! "OMW!" I said to my sister, "I cannot believe it's been on my phone charger this WHOLE time!"
She hardly even looks up at me from what she is doing and says, "With YOU I can!"
Mary :)