Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thankful list!

Today is Thanksgiving! One of my all time favorite holidays. Every year I try to take time to remember all the things that I am thankful for. However, right now I am laughing as I look over the list I wrote when I was a hyper-flirty-boy-crazy-14-year-old. The list goes something like this:
I am thankful for...
Cute boys
Handsome boys
Tall boys
Short boys
Funny boys
Serious boys
Interesting boys
Preacher boys
Fat boys
Skinny boys
White boys
Black boys
Aisian boys
Hispanic boys
Smart boys
Stupid boys
Basketball boys
Biker boys
Truck boys
And the list goes on and on and on and on AND ON!!!!
I remember showing it to everyone at our church Thanksgiving feast and they would all laugh at my craziness. Even my pastor got quite the chuckle out of it when he read my Thankful list.
HOWEVER, that was all a long, long time ago. So much has happened in my life since then...
I started writing stories. Got my first job. I flunked my first class. Had my first banquet date. I graduated from highschool. Quit my job. Took classes at college. Found a new job. Was the guestbook attendant in a friends wedding. Quit the new job. Wrote for the college newspaper. Passed Math 090 after 5 attempts. Smiled as I saw my biggest crush get married. Learned not to give up. Quit my new job. Found out my little brother had cancer. Got scared. Found peace. Spent many nights in the hospital. Learned to laugh in the face of adversity. Fell-in-love. Learned how to cook. Got a broken heart. Got mad. God sad. Learned it's okay to cry. Fell down. Got up. Learned to trust in God. Decided to remain single forever.
Saw a cute guy. Quickley changed my mind. ;)Got a good job. Became a nanny. Answered the call of God. Started doing outreach. Struggled with letting go. Became a soulwinner. Let God have control. Got the victory. Did a dance. Smiled. Got a prayer life. Held babies in my arms. Changed many diapers. Wiped snotty noses. Asked God to heal my broken heart. Kept the same job for five and a half years. Got a compliment. Smiled. Laughed. Kept bringing kids to church. Got my heart healed. Found my joy. Heard people make fun of me. Learned to forgive. Went shopping. Learned how to do my hair. Was a bridesmaid twice. A maid-of-honor once. Did someones hair that was sooooo long it was dragging on the ground. Became a Sister-in-law. Became an Aunt. Flew across the ocean. Explored the Philipines. Told someone about Jesus. Fell in love with NYC! Cried when my grandpas died. Got a raise in my job. Got called RESPONSIBLE and RELIABLE. Got the lighthouse award. Became a Sunday School teacher. Saw ANOTHER friend get married. Went to Disneyland. Been to Sea World a million kajillion times. Got an adorable nephew. Started blogging. Made a TON of friends. Lost and broke at least 10 cell phones. Been to about a thousand youth conferances. Went to Hawaii. Got my driver's license. Been to Hana. Flown OVER clouds. Drove THROUGH clouds. Felt a cloud. Changed about a MILLION and one dirty diapers. Laughed so hard I couldn't breath. Laughed so hard Dr. Pepper came out of my nose. Laughed at the WRONG moments. Kept on laughing. Fell-in-love with Jesus. Wiped away someone's tears. Learned that life goes on. Discovered I really, really like being me!!! ;).
WOW! It's Amazing to me that ALL this has happened to me since I was 14. I have a lot to be thankful for.So on this Thanksgiving day I pull out my pen to write my thankful list. And as I write, I can't help but begin to laugh!!! BECAUSE I realize that after all this time AND after all I have been through...
NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED!!! I still thank God for....
Cute boys!!! ;)
What I can I say, I LOVE being a girl!

Mary :)