Monday, November 2, 2009

Only MY mom!!! =) (Christmas present)

As the Christmas season is quickley aproaching, I am beginning to think about Christams shopping!!! Of course my MOM is number one on my list!!
Growing up my mom would do WHATEVER it took to MAKE sure us kids got Christmas presents. Many years not getting anything at all for herself.
So as far as I am concerned, NOW that I am all grown up, my mom deserves WHATEVER SHE WANTS!!! (As long as its not like a million bucks! LOL)
Now when you think about YOUR mom, what would she most likely want?! Perfume? Slippers? A robe? A purse? A new outfit? Those are all nice, typical MOM presents, RIGHT?!?! HA!!! NOT MY MOM!!!
MY mom said that the ONLY thing she wants for Christmas is Hank The Cow Dog Audio books on CD!!! HAHAHA!!! For those of you that DO NOT know, Hank the Cow Dog is a DOG that lives on a ranch and he solves mysteries. The stories are like usually loved by like 7-13 year-old BOYS!!! Now, I gotta admit that I HAVE listened to them and EVEN kinda like em. BUT I AIN"T about to ask for them for Christmas!!! They are like DORKSVILLE!!
Last week I even asked my mom, "So mom, what if I got you a Coach purse for Christmas instead of those Hank the Cowdogs?!" She just looks at me like I am CRAZY then says, "What in the world would I do with a Coach purse?!?!" HAHAHA!!! She Ain't yo average Momma, fo sho!!!

Mary :)