Monday, December 28, 2009

This girl MAKES ME LAUGH!!!!

First Jestina just makes me smile. She sees me walk into prayer before church yesturday. She leans over and is like, "And there is Mary, with her smile and her laugh, bright as the sun!" I was like AWWWWWW!!! Then she starts lookin over my outfit and my hair and she is like, "YOU LOOK GOOD!!!" (LOL) I am like THANK YOU!!! Then she looks at my hair again and then again and then she just shakes her head and smiles! I'm like WHAT?!?! She is like, "Mary, where did you get that hair accessory?!" (She is referring to my little top hat with feathers and tulle and fluff on it) I'm like I got it at The Icing in PV Mall. She is like, "NO! You got that from THE Black store!" I was like laughing, "No I got it at.." She is like "Nuh uh!" You got that at The black store!!! I was like LAUGHING SOOOOO HARD!!! Then as we went around greeting people before church she was like telling them, "Mary got that hat at THE Black store!" And everyone was like OH REALLY?! It was SOOOO funny!!!
THEN the other day we were at my house, hanging out in my room, and she starts lookin around in my room and she is like, "Mary, does EVERYTHING in your room HAVE to be black?" (She is referring to the fact that I have pictures of my African kids up everywhere, INCLUDING HER!!!)So I look around and I am like..."Ummmm...okaaaay...ACTUALLY...These kids are WHITE, and this is WHITE and the wall is WHITE...Oh and YEAH, I'm in my room and in case you havn't noticed, I'm WHITE!!!" She just kinda looks at me, then she says, "Yeah, BUT your attitude is BLACK!!!"  I was like, "oh WHATEVER!!!" And we both cracked up laughing!!!!
Jestina is SOOOOO funny! We stayed up sooooooooo late the other night, talkin about guys and just laughin HYSTERICALLY!!! What can I say, THIS GIRL MAKES ME LAUGH!!! :)