Monday, December 28, 2009

Can't WAIT!!!

Today I was talkin to my friend Chantal and we are like SOOOO siked that in two days we will be seeing each other at Conqueror's Conference youth convention!!!
As we were talkin I was like, so I guess it's been a year since we have seen each other...
Chantal was like A YEAR?! Has it really been that long?! And I was like ummmm....maybe not!!!
It seems like we have totally hung out since then! So we start discussing, conferences, events and youth rallies. Well wern't you at this? No...Wait remember when? We were all at...
What about when that one guy? AND that guy...etc..LOL

FINALLY we realized that neither of us had been at ANY of these same events!
We had just talked about them to each other, that it felt like we had been hanging out!!!
Actually, Chantal and I have only hung out in person like at three events.
We met last year at WCC for the first time and by the end of Conqueror's Conference, it felt like we had known each other FOREVER!!!!

CAN'T wait to see the events AND drama that unfolds
♥Mary :)