Sunday, December 27, 2009


OMW!!! You guys!! My sister-in-law just took Some AWESOME pictures of me!!!
There is one picture,(the last one) where I think I EVEN look angelic!!!
 Of course we all know THE TRUTH...BUT...LOL!!! ;)
My brother Joe and his wife recently started their own photography business this past April,  and it is going really well!
They have been getting weddings and events several times every month.
 At first it was just with Apostolic people in other church's, but now they are getting calls all the time from people that are finding them on the web. They are even had to turn some people down cause it overlapped other people's events that they were shooting for!
So for Christmas, we went in on in as a family and bought them a travel studio, so they have all the equipment a photagrapher would have in their studio but they can pack it up and take it any where!!! Right now its set up at their house!!! How cool is that?!
They called me up at 10 pm Christmas night and asked if I wanted to come over and pose?
LIke RIGHT then and there!!! I didn't EVEN have time to curl my eyelashes...I just said...
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