Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's at times like THIS!!!

I sit in my house. My EMPTY house...ALL by my little self.(Ok NOT so little self) I sit here at our computer, thinking about the dark, dark room at the end of the hall. ALL the way at the end of the hall...on the right. this is MY room and yet I dare NOT go in it. Fear embodies me, and although I try not to be the moping-for-a-husband-type,(i may be 26 but not desperate YET!) it's at times like THIS that I totally wish I had one!!! Is it because I am feeling sad and lonely? Does Mar Bear have the blues?! NOPE!!! (Aside from my eyes) It's cause the bulb went out on my ceiling fan and I don't got NO idea how to change the contraption and I fear for my life and the life of my belongings if I was to walk in there with NO light! (Ok my rooms a little bit messy) MAN! I've lived here for three years and done JUST fine! Moved book shelves, night stands, taken out the trash, hung up pictures, (There a little crooked, but there UP!) done EVERYTHING just fine. Then the light bulb in my room goes out and BAM...
Suddenly I realize,
I sure could use a husband!!! ;)
(A hot one of course!!!)

Mary :)