Friday, December 18, 2009

How did it happen?!

Seriousley...How in the world did it happen?! I am sitting here and I am like realizing..Like Omw going to Maui was a dream-come-true!!! When I graduated from highschool in 2001, I said that in two summers from that time I was gonna GO!!! HA!!! That NEVER happened. I went to NYC and flew across the world to another continent...but Hawaii just NEVER happened!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go there, but HOW in the world did I FINALLY manage to pull it off?! There is ONLY one word that answers that question...

Every year I go with Jac to her Holiday party at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale. Basically we just go all dressed up, take pics of each other and pig out on the catered food! (Piggin out for Jac is her like ACTUALLY eatin one whole plate of food. Mean while I'm all like bringin zip loc baggies to take food home for the fam and lunch for work the next day! hahahaha!!!) Anyways, last year I couldn't go cause I had a million little parts in our church Christmas play and we had a big practice the night of the party and I was FORBIDDEN by Bro. Jimmy to go!!! Which btw-if you didn't get to go to our play, He Chose The Nails, you like TOTALLY missed out! Our play was BOMB!!! (Even if some people, OKAY one person, I won't mention ANY names, says he got scared with the  street market scene when I was sellin handbags) Actually the two best scenes in the play was the market scene, (Which Bro. Jimmy made up) and CALVARY!!! Anyways back to Jac's PARTY!!!
So my sis went with Jac to the party last year and JAC won Trail blazer of the year award, which I think is basically Employee of the year, which is a HUGE deal cause that resort is HUGE and has like a million employees!!! So with the award Jac go an all paid trip, one ticket, and hotel paid for to anywhere in the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii!!! So my sis and her were totally siked and were already plannin a trip for the three of us and my neice MJ to NYC!!! AND we were like TOTALLY going to stay at the Westin in Times Square. AND Times Square is like SOOOO cool!!! (I'll have to tell you all about NYC another time...BUT if you LOVE food AND you LOVE shoppin, NYC is soooooooooo the place for you!!!) So they are like ALL siked and planning the trip for April of 2009 and I am like kinda excited BUT...
BUT not really!!! CAUSE I am like SOOOOOOOOO broke and I am like there is NOOOO WAAAAY I could save enough money in FOUR months for a plane ticket AND spending money for NYC!!! Just NOT gonna happen!!! I wasn't trying to be a party pooper, but for ONCE in my life I was just TRYING to be practical!!! SO I told them all to just go on ahead without me...WELL...
My sis said, FORGET it!!! There was NO way she was going with Jac without ME, (You just hav to know Tree and Jac to understand THAT!LOL! :) AND Jac was like, WELL FINE, I'll just go without BOTH of you guys!!! And I am like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY there is noooooo way my lil blonde friend could survive runnin around NYC all by herself!!! I am like OKAY I can probabley go if you all just MOVE the trip to LATER ON in the year...Soooo...aha...they agreed!!! BUT I was STILL draggin my feet!!! Cause my work hours kept gettin cut and grandparents kept coming into town and I would get WEEKS off at a time...etc... AND I just wasn't gettin EXTRA to save!!!
Soooooooooo some time in the summer Jac called and was like GUESS what?!?! I just found out that I ACTUALLY got TWO FREE TICKETS for the trip!!! She is like soooooo if you and your sis want share that and just split the cost for one ticket I know that would make the trip ALOT cheaper for you!!! I am like SCREAMING...OMW!!! TOTALLY!!!! LOL BUT when my sis found out she said that I could just have the WHOLE other ticket!!! I was like OKAAAAY!!! THANKS!!! LOL (OMW! People like LOVE ME!!! *wipes a tear!)
So NOW I am like ALL gung ho and totally siked beyond words cause I know I can do this now!!! BUT the trip to NYC just wasn't gettin scheduled!!! Jac's work couldn't get us booked for our hotel cause it was sooooooo BUSY there...BUT the months were passin by and Jac HAD to go on the trip by then of THIS year...
Soooooooo one day she calls me and she is like okaaaaaaay I have bad news and good news, what do you wanna hear FIRST?! I am like THE BAD!!! She is like OKAY they can't get us in for NYC...BUT the good news is that we CAN ACTUALLY go to Hawaii!!! (I guess the rules changed or Jac heard them wrong or something!) Sooooooooo I am like SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!! OMW!!! I am going on my HONEYMOON and I am NOT even getting married!!! YAY!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! AND Jac is like THIS IS NOT your honeymoon!!! I am like WHATEVER!!!! LOL
BUT really, Jac and I have ALWAYS dreamed of going to Maui TOGETHER!!! You see, it all goes back to this series that Jac and I read through out our teenage years, THE CHRISTY MILLER SERIES. This series starts off when this chick is like 13 and goes till she gets married. AND like there is this guy in the series named TODD SPENCER!!! AND you just kinda fall in love with him right along with Christy!!! LOL Todd is a surfer, He is TALL with blonde hair and SCREAMING-silver-blue eyes!!! (We nvr hav actually figured out what SCREAMING silver blue eyes look like but...they are sooooo HOT!!! ;)
Anyways, Todd and Christy take a trip with their fams to MAUI and Todd takes her to Hana Road and it's TOTALLY romantic and they sit and TALK behind some waterfall(With her little bro and best friend chaperoning) AND yeah...OKAAAAAAY i still think it would be SOOO romantic to sit BEHIND a waterfall with my Mr. McHottie husband...but...LOL (I'll settle for Jac!)
ANYWAYS... I just wanna say
Thank you for the trip!!!
Thank you for being an AWESOME employee and winning the trip!!!
Thank you for being my BEST FRIEND!!!
(Thank you for NOT moving fast enough to ACTUALLY slap me when I woke you at 2:30 am)

I also wanna say thank you to myself...For putting up with you...cause if hadn't NO trip!!! HAHA!!!