Monday, December 21, 2009

Proud of my NAME BRAND!!!

THE other day I was at Saver's, a second hand store. NOW...I rarely find anything at these kinds of stores for myself, but I still like to try!!! Sooooooo I have some friends that are just like sooooo totally NOT into thrift stores...which is fine, I could care less!!! Cause I mean lets face it, thrift stores are pretty ghetto and kinda stinky...but stuff like that doesn't really STOP ME! I mean if I can get a good deal AND still LOOK GOOD!!!!!! HAHA!!!
 So I am lookin and lookin, not really finding anything. Then I go down the shoe aisle and I see these shoes...they are like BRAND new and TOTALLY CUTE!!! I am like OMW!!! THEN I look at the brand and it's AMERICAN EAGLE!!! I am like OH WOW!!! AMERICAN EAGLE!!! WOW! Cause I like TOTALLY know that is some kind of really expensive name brand!!! I look at the price $7.99!!! OMW!!! I like CANNOT believe it!!! ONLY $7.99 for AMERICAN EAGLE SHOES!!! I was like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am SOOOOO getting these!!! So I bought them AND the whole time I am just thinking MAN!!! I can't wait to show these to my NAME BRAND FRIENDS!!! Cause like, the youth at my church, we're just NOT into the name brands, BUT I got some friends from OTHER churches that are like TOTALLY into all the name brands and I can't wait to tell them about my AWESOME DEAL on these name brand shoes!!! I just KNOW they are gonna BE SOOOOOO PROUD OF ME!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the other day we're at Paradise Valley Mall. We walk into a store and I am looking around and ALL of the sudden I see it!!! I see AMERICAN EAGLE...MY NAME BRAND!!! I am like Oh look it's AMERICAN EAGLE..OH HEEEEEEEEY!!! AND THEN I just START LAUGHING!!! Cause guess what store carries MY NAME BRAND SHOES?!?!?! YUP thats right...PAYLESS SHOES!!!! You guessed it baby!!! ;)

I think I may have been mixing up American Eagle with that Ambercombie brand!
OH WELL...I guess I'll never be the kinda girl that knows her brands...but heeeeey...I sure do KNOW CUTE!!! AND I'm kinda thinkin thats ALL that really matters! ;)
Mary  :)