Saturday, December 19, 2009

That GIRL!!!

So tonight we went and saw The Christmas Carol, which was fun,  ANYWAYS, my neice MJ thought Tiny Tim was CUUUUTE!!! SOOOOOOOOO bein the WONDERFUL aunt that I am, I went and got a picture of him for her. Then I actually caught her KISSING the pamplet with his pic on it!!! I was like OMW!!! Cause I mean like I would NEVER do something like that! HA! ;)  Then when we got home we were on my bed and I was putting curlers in her hair and she just kinda sighs then says, "When I grow up I'm gonna text that boy!" I was like WHAT?! Tiny Tim?! ANd she is like "Yeah!" I'm like, well GIRL, you CAN'T just text a boy...You HAVE to wait for him to text you FIRST!!! So she is just kinda silent for a moment, then she says, "WELL YOU DO!!!" I am like, WHAT?! NO I do NOT!!! She is like, "YES YOU DO?!" I am like WHO?! WHO?! WHAT BOYS DO I TEXT?! She is like, "JOHN!!!" I am like, THATS MY BROTHER!!!" She is like WELL AND ABRAHAM!!!" I am like, WELL THATS MY BROTHER!!!" She is like WELL ROMO!!!" HAHAHAHA!!! I am like okaaaaaaaay lets get THAT straight...ONCE AGAIN MY BROTHER!!! HAHAHA!!! Man, I'm telling you THAT GIRL!!! My sister says she fears THE TEEN YEARS!!!