Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kreative Blogger award!

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I got nominated  Kreative blogger by  Miss Melissa Morris on Memoirs of a Pentecostal Recessionista Thanks for pickin me girl!!! I just OFFICIALLY met Melissa at Conquor's Conference. Although, we didn't get to end up spending as much time together as we had originally planned----> it was GOOD! ;)
Now the rules of this game is that I have to list seven things about myself that you may not already know!
Hmmmmmm....this is hard for me cause I am a very open person...

1. I prefer shopping by myself!
 I know thats weird, cause most girls like shopping with someone else so they can get opinions and stuff, but ALL i NEED is THE MIRROR!!! :) Plus, I LOVE just browsing and stuff...I can't understand why some woman would want to bring their husband/boyfriend shoppin WITH THEM!!! That is just SOOOO odd to me! Of course don't get me wrong, I do enjoy HANGIN out at the mall and stores...LOL totally different thing though!

2. Sometimes I like crying...
I know WEIRD!!! But like when your praying and you start crying---that just feels SOOOOO awesome! Or even when I am sad or upset, sometimes you just feel so much better after a good crying session.  I think it was after this experiance, (You can read HERE)  that I changed my view on crying.

3. I like reading the Hardy Boys!!!

4. As a child I was REALLY, REALLY quiet and shy!
 and sometimes I still am! :)
I know, I know, I know! It's hard to believe. but my first nature is to be shy and I have to force myself NOT to be, ESPECIALLY when I don't know a person. So if you have NEVER met me and meet me at some conference, don't be suprised if I am a little quiet---->I am NOT a snob and I really do LOVE meeting people!!!

 I was originally born in NYC, lived there till I was 3....I love traveling, I have been back quite a few times to NYC, I have been to Maui, I have been to the Philipines, BUT I LOVE ARIZONA!!! No matter our summers, this is MY HOME and I'll always be an ARIZONA HOTTIE!!! :)

6. I USED to be a blond!!!
Yup, thats right! I used to be a blond but God HEALED me of my blondness!(So if your a blond, just pray for healing!!! What he did for me he can do for you!!!;) LOL Well, I was born with strawberry blond hair, then it turned into really light blond hair, and slowly it just kept gettin darker and darker and darker till its like this weird brown color...I like to say that its cinnamon swirl, cause its all different shades!

7. I wanna open a home for children.
My lifelong dream, since I was a child, has been to open some sort of home or start some kind of ministry for children. To either give them a home or help them find a home, where they are loved and taught the truth. Of course it would have to be a combo of both cause I mean I couldn't take in EVERY child that needs home----sadly this world is filled with SOOOOO many children that need love. I know that it would take a lot of planning and A LOT OF ORGANIZING, but thats my dream!!!

1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award, copy the logo.

2. link to the person who nominated me [Melissa Morris]

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