Saturday, January 30, 2010

Conqueror's Conference 2009/2010

Conqueror's Conference!!!
Every year after Christmas, Faith Tabernacle Church,
Bro. Connor's church, in Tuscon Arizona, hosts my most favorite conference ever!
I really LOVE this conference...EVEN more than HERITAGE!!!
What can I say?! It was AWESOME!!!! OMW!!!
I honestly had such a blast with all my friends!!!
I have made SOOO many new friends in the last two years...
 its like SOOOO COOL!
Kinda weird though, that I have MORE friends at 26 then I EVER did at 16! LOL
Seriousley this past conference was one of the FUNNEST EVER!!!

AND it was a GOOD fun, not like the old days, of sneakin out, doorknock ditching, tping, slippin notes under doors of guys I liked....YEAH I know! CAN YOU BELIEVE I DID THAT LAST ONE?!!!! See for those of you that think I am crazy now, OH if ONLY you knew me in my teens!!! One year, I brought to conference binoculars that I had begged for a Christmas present, that had a digital camera in them...and yeah...there was this guy I liked...ya all don't know him...he was like 26 at the time...but yeah...he played the organ and I would just CASUALLY take pictures of him...WITH MY BINOCULARS- DURING CHURCH!!! And I would like to tell you all that I was in my EARLY teens when this all took place, but ummmm... I was like 19 at the time!!! Aaaaaaaaauggggh! Soooooooo yeah.. it like didn't work out with the guy...I have NO idea why! ;)
Sooooo I think I've matured a bit since then, I think I am now like at my late teens stage!!! (YES!!! Finally!)
HAHAHA!!! Anyways, aside from all the fun, Conqueror's Conference was spiritually very uplifting! The services were INCREDIBLE!!! I think I was the most touched with Bro. Connor's message on how to be successful in 2010- PRAY, READ your BIBLE and GO TO CHURCH! So simple and yet sOOOO powerful! Then hand in hand with that was the message Bro. Garrett preached the last night about being used of God. I was at the alter praying the last night and I just kept asking God, WHAT it was he wanted me to do to be used by him, and It just kept going through my mind... PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! I was like Ooooooooo okaaaaaaaaay! Got it! :)

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