Thursday, January 28, 2010


One day Wesley, the little boy I used to take care of was just having ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! It was a day where he was going around staking his claim and just letting me know what was his. EVERYTHING he would touch and then say, "MINE!" He would touch the couch, "MINE!" He would touch the chair, "MINE!" He touched his blanket, "MINE!" His truck, "MINE!" His stuffed puppy, "MINE!" He looked at my shoe, then looked at me defiantley, "MINE!" I just kinda looked at him, then I swooped him up close, wrapped my arms around him real tight and said, "MINE!"

He just kinda looked at me, THEN he got a BIG smile on his face,
and the next thing I know he was hugging me back real tight!
Then he says back, "MINE!"

It was felt good declaring that he was "MINE!"
But it felt even better when he declared it right back.
I think thats the way it is with God sometimes.
We just kinda go about our lives, declaring what we think is ours, then all of the God just swoops in  an unexpected way, wraps his arms around us real tight, and declares, "MINE!"
And as much as I am sure God enjoys doing that, I think that he likes it EVEN MORE, when we claim him as our own. Wrapping our arms right back around him and declaring, "MINE!"
And Thomas answered and said unto him,
 My Lord and my God. 
John 20:28
♥Mary :)