Friday, January 29, 2010

A thought on opinions...

So my brother John has thing, where he just GIVES me HIS opinion!!! So as I, being the kind and considerate sister that I am,  am MAKING HIM SOMETHING TO EAT, he just looks at me and says, "Just letting you know, that, that skirt is NOT working for you!" I just look at him with my mouth hanging open! Cause I LOVE this skirt and I always get a ton of compliments on it! Its like this four layer skirt that fades into three different shades of blue, its really long and  just totally COOL! So as I am just staring at him and he is like, "Well I am not saying it to be mean, I'm just trying to be helpful!" I'm still just like LOOKING at him! And he is like, "I'm just saying, that skirt kinda makes you look big!" I am like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY now!!!  Lets get ONE THING straight, I AM BIG!!! LOL It's not like if I wore a black skirt 24/7 that people would think I was this small, petite little thing, BUT because I was wearing my cool-girl-skirt, people all of the sudden noticed my size! Like OMW!!! This WHOLE time we thought she was a skinny chick, BUT NOW WE HAVE SEEN the light! She is in fact BIG!!! My brother is like, "Oh so NOW your mad!" I am like Oh no, DON'T WORRY, I am still makin your sandwhich for you!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! He is like, "well just sayin, I was just givin you my opinion!" So I was like, WELL just saying, I did NOT ask!!! :P
Now IF I had asked him his opinion on the skirt, I could totally understand him GIVING his opinion. Cause I believe that WHEN asked, one should give an honest opinion! In fact it even drives me cRAZy when people ASK ME, my opinion and then just say...oh well...I think I am just gonna do it like this or they get ALL mad...and I am like OKAAAAAY sorrrrrry BUT YOU DID ASKE ME!!! LOL But I DIDN'T ASK!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
And just for the record I am KEEPING the skirt! I already had examined myself in the mirror like at least 20 times, so I ALREADY knew that it was NOT slenderizing! LOL BUT I STILL loved it! BESIDES, the skirt is a size smaller than what I used to be... so that is still AWESOME!!!

my point is that I found this icon...
AND I would like to dedicate this to my little brother...