Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apostolic Male Model #2 ( A Monthly Feature)

Apostolic Male Model
Last month the featured Male Model...
Hot Chocolate (Which you can read about by clickin HERE) has been melting the girls hearts!
This sweet month of February...
 I would like to present before you all another Apostolic-Heart-Throbber
Maybe you have heard of him and maybe you haven't...
But once you meet this sweetheart...
You''ll NEVER forget the ONE AND ONLY...
Known by his buddies and adoring fans at LPC as

Why "Main Man"?
"Because, although Danny is tied down to no particular girl...
All girls still wanna claim him!
Cause he is EVERYONE'S Main Man!

I myself have ALWAYS felt like I had a little bit of the upper hand with Danny...
Since he asked me to be his Valentine date last year, which you can read about HERE and
Got dumped by him...which you can read about HERE! ;)
Even being dumped by Danny is an honor girls!!!
Some guys are just worth that BROKEN HEART!!!

Girls, don't be shy!
If you see "Main Man" at a conference or youth rally, go talk to him!
He is ALWAYS ready and willing to pose in a picture with you!!!
Be sure to come back next month to check out the new male model!
You NEVER know just might be YOU!!!
♥Mary ;)