Friday, February 26, 2010

Bible College!!!!

I am TOTALLY enjoying bible college this ALWAYS of course!!! I am sooooooo blessed that we have this here in AZ that we can go to on Monday nights! I have gone just about every semester for jsut about FOREVER it seems!!! I don't really care about graduating or nothing again, its just such an awesome opportunity to learn God's word!
I was bummed at first because I didn't think I was gonna be able afford this semester because of not havin a job, but God just worked it all out and I am a teacher assistant in my two classes I am taking,  which makes the classes like free. So I T/A for Sis. Abbott in the Ladies Of Legacy class and also for Bro. Garrett in the Apostolic Standards class, AND Bro Garrett keeps me on my toes!!! LOL But its good for me! I NEED that! HAHA!! And he is really funny too!!! 
Soooooo I learned some REALLY cool stuff this past monday in classes! Sis. Abbott taught about respecting your husband and she gave this AWESOME definition of Submission to your husband; DUCK! So God gets your husband!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE that!!! I was laughing SOOOOOO hard!!! Sorry, but it was just hard for me to get a TON out of the class since I'm not married but it was ALL good!!! ;)
Then Bro. Garrett taught an AWESOME lesson on beauty and how real beauty comes from God! Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so it was ALOT better when he said it in class!!! But, maybe i'll post more later! Anyways that class is SOOOOOOOOO goood for me!!! NOT that I have been havin trouble with standards for anyone that was worried! It's just been opening my eyes to being more aware of certain things!!!
ANYWAYZ...I thank God for BIBLE COLLEGE in AZ!!! We are BLESSED!!!!
AND if YOU happen to live in the PHX area and are NOT going SHAME ON YOU!!!! 
You need to GET up and get YO laZy self to classes!!! :P
J/K! But you REALLY should GO!