Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God made us outta...

So one time in Wednesday night bible class, one of the black girls in my class said she ONLY wanted to be partners with a white girl...NOT a black girl...i am like uh, what do I do?! LOL so I had to come up with a little skin-color lesson on the spot in class. So I am like heeeey girls! We don't pick our partners by what their skin color is. It doesn't matter what your skin color is...it's like ice cream... it doesn't REALLY matter what the flavor is...Chocolate or Vanilla as long as its SWEET! And its the same way with people...it doesn't matter what color your skin is- Chocolate, Carmel or Vanilla, as long as YOUR SWEET! (Awww!)
One Wednesday night we were having a special kids service. Bro. Jimmy had led songs and now we're getting ready for the preaching. SO Jimmy is introducing the preacher but in the process he gets a little carried away and starts his OWN little sermon. He is talking to the kids about how it is just soooooo AMAZING that God created us. He is just like, think about how God breathed into us and gave us life. He is like just think about God reaching down and getting a handful of dirt to make us. He says you know thats what we're made out of right guys...just DIRT!!! All of the sudden one of the little African girls shouts out...Nuh uh...CHOCOLATE!!! I'M made outta chocolate... 

AND the whole church just busts up laughing! It was sooooooooo ADORABLEY funny!!! Bro. Jimmy is like, uh yeah, God made some of us outta dirt and some of us outta chocolate!!! AND the kids are like WELL thats what Sis. MARY says!!!
What can I say...come be in my class...its FUN!!!