Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Bashers...

I have to say that I am KINDA amaZed at JUST how much people go out of their way to NOT like Valentine's day! I mean Okaaaaaaaaay can understand the fact that Valentine's day isn't quite as wonderful if your single or whatever BUT STILL...
.Check some of this stuff out..

This above one is kinda like REALLY funny!

Okaaaaaaaaay this has ISSUES written all over it!!!

I LOVE Valentine's day! I mean NO matter what, I try and make it FUN!
Last year me and Jac spent the whole day together and we both ACtually RODE AN eLephant! It was cRaZy fun! This year was cool cause the WHOLE day was basically spent at church, which in my opinion WAS an AWESOME way to spend the holiday! One thing that I have learned, is that the BEST WAY to stop feeling down is to help lift someone else up!!! I talk about that in a story I wrote called Reaching Back  I think that sometimes we waste A LOT of time feeling sorry for ourselves, but the thing that can help us feel better is when we start caring for the well being of another.
Anyone that hates Valentine's day should listen to Adventure's in Odyessy! I listened today to The Last I Do and it really changes how you look at the holiday!