Monday, March 1, 2010

The Apple Tree-HAHA!!!

I read this and it just REALLY cracked me up!!! I am sure that that wasn't really the intention of it but I was like thinking...Okaaaaaay someone NEEDS to just GET A LADDER for my man...cause I gotta be at the tippy, tippy top of THE TALLEST TREE EVER!!! HAHAHA!!! THEN I just wanted to say that I kinda disagree with what it's saying, I know it's probabley meant to comfort us single girls BUT, I have A LOT of friends older AND younger than me that are married AND they are GOOD, AWESOME GIRLS!!! Just cause they got married first doesn't mean they are "Bad Apples" or that there is something wrong with them, just like there is nothing wrong with me(Aside from being a little cRaZy) cause I am still single. (Although I am a REALLY good, fine and sweet  apple)
This is just where God has put me...
FOR NOW!!! ;)