Monday, March 1, 2010


Soooooooo I've always said that I LOVE compliments, no matter what, as long as they are sincere and honest. Well today I ALMOST take that back! LOL So i've been going to quite a few interviews. Last Tuesday, I went to a job interview at another elemantary school. The interview went gRRReat!!! I said the right things and all that jazz, I could tell they really liked me! However, they said that they would be interviewing other people for the position through out the week, but would be calling me back to let me know if I got the job, either way. The principal said that he really does NOT like to leave people hanging and that HE WOULD call back!!! So I was thinkin yeah, whatever, thats what ALL the other principals and teachers have said on the interviews I have gone on. Well on Friday his secratary called me and said that they had another interview on Monday to do then they would call and let me know. So I was like WOW!!! Thats cool that they called to let me know that they were still interviewing.
Then TODAY I got the phone call I had been waiting for, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, It's the principal on the phone, he says hi to me, then he says, "Well Mary, I have good news and bad news for you" I'm like hmmmmm...okaaaaay! He is like, "The good news is that you have GREAT interviewing skills! (Rollin my eyes) The bad news is that we did choose someone else for the job!" I'm just sitting there like OH WOW!!!! Thanks for that GOOOOOD news brother!!!! I mean I can't even BEGIN to tell you how good that makes me feel!!! I don't have a job BUT OMW...I do have GREAT interviewing skills!!! Heeey WHO needs a job when they can just go around getting interviewed all the time?!?! LOL Anyways, I just said thank you and hung up.
AT least he called me back! That was VERY courteous and ethical!!! =) What I REALLY, REALLY wanted to say was,  OH and let me give you some GOOD and BAD news about yourself... The GOOD NEWS is that you have GREAT ETHICS!!! THE BAD NEWS is that your compliments are LAME!!!! HOWEVER, I just kept my mouth SHUT!!! I figured that was the WISE thing to do since I also applied for two other positions that are open in that school!!! And HEEEEEEEY...I just can't wait to show off my great skills AGAIN!!! ;)