Friday, March 26, 2010

Flirting at Chili's

So you just have to understand that the Filipino men in the Philipines are like SOOOOO nice!!! I mean seriousley, they were SOOOOOOO friendly and courteous, I just basically ADORED them!!! (If only they came higher than my shoulder, I would SOOOOOOO be called to the Philipines! LOL) Soooooo we're at Chili's in Manila and we ordered the chips and salsa, AND I promise you that the chips just tasted SOOOOOOO much better than our chips here in Arizona. Soooooooooo since our waiter was like REALLY cute, I decided to compliment him on their chips. I am like... "Your chips are like SOOOOOO gooooood!!!" He is like, "Oh Thank you!" I am like...."No I mean like they are like, really, really, really GOOD!!! I mean they are like WAAAAAAY better than the chips we have in the states!!!" He is like, Oh thank you! But ACTUALLY ma'am, we get our chips shipped over from the states!
 I was like "Ooooooooooooooooo!" Then hysterical laughter!!!
My brothers AND sister were like, "MARY! YOU ARE SOOOOOO DUMB!!!" 

 But HEEEEY, you know what?!?!
He smiled at me when we were leaving! *Sigh!
That smile
was SOOOOO worth lookin STUPID!!! ;)