Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God is GOOOOOOD!!!

There is NO awesomer feeling than the OVERWHELMING feeling of being at the alter and thinkin, "OMW! There are sooo many kids praying I don't even know who to pray with first!!!" Tonight, at kids church we had a LONG AWAITED, Holy Ghost break through at the alter. Pastor Abbott preached a simple message that touched their hearts. They went to the alter and started praying. At first it was just one, really, really praying. But the spirit of God started moving and one by one the tears began falling. I was praying with one girl that was just crying, about to get the Holy Ghost, then I looked across the way and there sat another girl, just sitting there all by herself, tears streaming down her face, pouring her heart out to God. One by one I saw the tears beginning to fall down almost every child's cheeks. We had 18 kids that needed the Holy Ghost and Six kids! Six Kids! Six kids! SIX KIDS GOT THE HOLY GHOST TONIGHT!!! Neema, Gifty, Chelsea, May, Alexandra and Brenda! Six children representing three different nationalities...Hispanic, African and Caucasian...soooo COOL!!! As a bible class teacher there is NOTHING more exciting than seeing THE WORST BEHAVED STUDENT in your class, at the alter, with tears streaming down her face, worshipping God!!! GOD IS SOOOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Oh and THEN after it was all over and we're herding the kids to the van, I feel SOMETHING lumpy in my shirt...I am like What in the world?!?! AND I pull out A DIRTY TISSUE!!! I have NO idea who's it was, BUT in between all the praying, one of the kids stuck their DIRTY TISSUE DOWN my shirt!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! LOL YUP! ONLY OUR KIDS! ONLY OUR KIDS!!! Needless to say...