Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been WAITING and WAITING
and WAITING for this...

THIS Saturday,
an all new Adventure's in Odyssey is starting!!!I am SOOOOO excited!!!Its been like two years since a new album has come out!There are a lot of new things going on, inventions AND character's! They are also making album 51 so that any newcomer's that have NEVER listened to Odyssey before, can just join in and NOT have to listen to the previous 50 albums...ALTHOUGH...You really SHOULD!!!

Man! I LOVE Odyssey SOOOO much!
 I have grown up with it almost my WHOLE life! IT seems like me and Connie have been through it ALL together! We both got our first job together, longed for the fatherly figure, graduated highschool, searched for the will of God, fell in love, almost got married, broke up, got over it, been camp counselors, hang out with kids 24/7, became a writer...yeah I was SIKED about the writer thing!!! GO CONNIE!!! AM I the ONLY one that finds themselves laughing hysterically and CRYIN over Odyssey's?! Did anyone else ever cry during, The Great Wishy Wuz?! My brothers are like HOW could you cry over that Odyssey? It's SOOOO dumb!!! I am like, NO it's NOT!!! I mean, when the "Fisherman" (Jesus) and the girl go through the tornado together at the end of the story, the message becomes SOOOOO clear... That Jesus is ALWAYS with us, even through the storms!!! How can you NOT cry over that?!?!
I'll end this by givin a SHOUT out to all my fellow Odyssey Lover's...
If you ♥LOVE♥ Odyssey leave me a comment!
I would LOVE to hear about your favorite episode, quote, character, who you see yourself most as OR if you have EVER had a crush on any of the characters. (I'm in love with Mitch and his GREEN eyes, BUT Wooten is my DREAM man!!!;)

Oh and if your NOT an Odyssey fan...
You NEED help!!!
Magor, magor HELP!!! J/k! ;)
Now is the time to become a listener!!!
Click HERE!!!