Thursday, March 4, 2010


What in the world?!?! This is a REALLY, REALLY easy way to make money online! I am sitting here like OMW! I have a job, I have a job!!! HAHA!!! Not really, but I am makin money an thats COOL!!!

Search & Win

Its SOOOOOOO easy!!! ALL you do is join and then INSTEAD of  using google when you go to search for stuff on the internet, you use Swagbucks and earn swagbucks! Even if you don't think you'll really use it PLEASE just join for ME, cause if you do I WILL be makin money from it!!! AND I NEED money!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOBODY will hire me!!! (BUT they do think i have GREAT interviewing skills, and someone liked my nylons) SOOOOOO please have mercy on Mar bear
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Thank you!!!
♥Mary :)