Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our prayer request!!!

Class this week was REALLY FUN!!!
So this girl I am with in this picture just totally cracks me up! I was taking prayer requests last night before we started our lesson and finally the girls are like done naming all their millions of requests and this girl is like...WAIT...WAIT..WAIT!!! I have ONE more thing! So I am like okaaaaay...WHAT?!?! She is like..."I JUST wanna pray that God will make me SKINNY!!!" HAHAHAHA!!! Sooooooooo i'm like, "GIRl! I have praying that prayer MY WHOLE LIFE and he ain't answered it yet!!!" She looks at me...kinda nods her head and is like..."OH!!! You too?! You too?!"  I'm like..."YES!!! ME TOO!!!"  (I know big surprise right?!?! ;)  and we like bust up laughing!!!
Then after class Janelle had gotten the girls cupcakes as a they are like eating them...THEN this same girl BEGS us to let her eat the one that fell on the floor...SOOOO we let her!!! LOL (I know, I know, such awesome parental skills we got going on!) THEN she proceeds to EAT THE CUPCAKE wrappers!!! I am like...OMW!!! That is sooooooooooo GROSS!!! She is like...NO  mARY, It's Sooooooo GOOOOOD!!! I'm like...EWWWWW!!! She is like...YOU DON'T know, UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED IT!!! (RFLOL!)
Soooooooo....I'm like okaaaaay girl, God just gave me A SPECIAL message for you conerning your prayer request earlier. He said IF you want HIM TO MAKE YOU SKINNY, it's hard enough with you eating your cupcake AND the one that fell on the floor... BUT it would really help if you would AT LEAST REFRAIN from eating THE CUPCAKE WRAPPERS TOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
This is THE LIFE!!!
 I  LOVE IT!!! :)