Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brothers & Husbands

My sister and I were talkin about a trip we're planning to take with one of my brothers and she was like ok its you and John on one bed and me and MJ on another bed. So I'm like EWWWWWWWWW!!! She is like OR you can sleep on the floor! Soooooo I'm like NO i'll take the bed...BUT then I'm like, well he's better than Abe or Joe...I think...LOLOLOL! Then I'm like OMW! All guys are soooooo GROSS! I'm like if you think about it, just about EVERY guy we drool over is someone's brother AND

You know that if we get married thats ALL we're gettin is...
AND yet, EVEN though we know all this...
WE STILL WANT ONE...a husband...sigh... cRaZy girls!
You girls that don't have brother's
 JUST WAIT till you get married....
You have it COMING TO YOU!!!
BWAHAHAHAHA! *Evil Dr. Blackard laugh!