Friday, May 21, 2010

The Wakefield's...

So about 2-3 weeks ago it was announced at our Sunday evening service that THE NEXT Sunday, the Wakefields, missionaries to Pueblo Mexico would be coming to our church. Then when announcing they said AND the Wakefields have two, very pretty, single, daughters. So when I heard this I was like AW MAN! It had to be two single girls?! WHY couldn't it be two cute single guys?!?! OR at least ONE cute single guy and a single girl?!?! LOL! Soooooooooo i'm just like TOTALLY bummed cause there weren't gonna be NO cute single guys, JUST single girls...cause I mean come on...we all know that there is like a TOTAL OVER POPULATION of single girls in Pentecost!!! ;)
Well that Friday after the announcment AND before our Sunday with the Wakefield's our church hosted a singspiration with other church's at our church. So before it started I'm like totally socializing and chit-chattin with all my friends that I haven't see in like FOREVER!!! Sooooooo Cassia Wilson is walkin by me and I'm like OOOOOO heeeeeeeeeey and I have to give her like a Mar Bear we're like huggin and stuff and there is this cute little blond chick with Cassia and she is just kinda standin there staring at me and then she is like...."Are you Mary?" So I'm like,  yeah..and she like gets this big smile and is like OH I READ YOUR BLOG! So I'm like OH really?! COOL! (Like totally siked that she reads it) Then her and Cassia are about to walk away and I'm like Oh wait...What's YOUR name?! She is like Bethany...Bethany Wakefield...I'm like ok nice meetin...OMW like the missionaries that are gonna be here on Sunday...she is like OH yeah...I'll see you then!

AND I'm sittin there like OMW!!! I feel soooooooooo bad now!!! Here this chick is like READING MY BLOG and stuff and MEANWHILE Mary's over here like TOTALLY wishin she was some cute guy!!! I felt soooooooooooo BAD!!! AnywayZ, they came on Sunday and we had a total blast with them! Bethany and Nicole are TOTAL sweeties and adorable too!!! Sooooooo yeah...I didn't have the guts to tell you that in person Bethany, BUT I knew you would think it was FUNNY!!!

I'm glad I got to meet you  and become friends....
EVEN if you are JUST another single Apostolic babe and NOT my future McHottie!!! ;D
Bethany & Nicole
Click HERE to check them out! ;)